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GCF Global is seeking to partner with organizations in a variety of ways to deepen impact, create revenue, and expand to new audiences. Would you like to partner with GCF Global? Start the conversation by submitting a brief proposal to us!

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GCF Global is seeking to partner with organizations in a variety of ways to deepen impact, create revenue, and expand to new audiences. Reach out and start a conversation today!

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Organizations of all kinds benefit from basic skills training

All sizes and types of organizations have benefited from our self-paced tutorials, including:

k-12 schools icon

K-12 schools

Homeschool groups icon

Homeschool groups

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Career centers ico

Career centers

Colleges icon


Correctional facilities

Correctional facilities

Religious organization icon

Religious Organizations

Community centers icon

Community centers

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Government agencies icon

Government agencies

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Some of the more notable organizations which have used us include:


  • Autism Speaks

  • AARP

  • Goodwill Industries

  • Wal-mart

  • Whirlpool Corp

  • Carnival Cruise Lines

  • Compusoft

  • Caterpillar Inc





  • Tech Soup Global

  • Peace Corps

  • Salvation Army

  • Intel Education Service Corps

  • National Weather Corps

  • World Vision

  • Hackers for Charity

  • Rutgers University

  • Universidad Ciudadana Nuevo León

  • Mexican Ministry of Education - Prepa en Línea

  • Colombian Ministry of Defense - Centro de Rehabilitación Inclusiva

Educational partnerships that make a difference

In recent years, we’ve established educational partnerships with several organizations that are making a big impact in people's lives all over the world.


We are partnering with one81, a micro-learning platform providing carefully curated courses and lessons, a digital coach that supports the skills journey, and the ability to track & show progress. Currently serving learners in South Africa, we plan to leverage one81’s expertise in designing, building, and distributing products and technologies to expand to additional markets and become the global leader in skills development.

YouTube Learning

YouTube Learning

We’ve partnered with YouTube through its YouTube Learning channel, which aims to support both EduTubers who use the platform to share their knowledge and the millions of users who watch educational videos on the site every day. Through the partnership, we are curating and creating high-quality video content focused on career readiness. Topics include career planning, job search, communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and more.


Through our partnership with Google via its Digital Garage learning platform, we've helped to expand upon the company’s Grow with Google initiative to provide people with the skills and confidence they need to grow in their careers. Through the partnership, our Business Communication lessons are being shared with 1 million+ users in the EU to help them find a job or grow their businesses.


The case for basic skills training

The eLearning market continues to rapidly expand, alongside a global increase in internet access and usage. These are driven by growth in the developing world, where the need for basic skills is highest, as well as the number of mobile subscriptions, which is predicted to reach nearly six billion by 2025.


In many countries over 90% of children do not reach basic skill levels.

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Aging workforce needs support to keep up with new technologies.

200 million icon

200 million aged 15-25 in developing countries have not completed primary school and lack skills for work.

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Education is a wise investment: $1 invested in education and skills pay back at least tenfold in economic growth.

Our offerings

We envision a future where global citizens are equipped with education experiences to connect to economic opportunities and lead better lives. Our four core offerings include:

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Free basic skills tools.

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Stackable basic skills credentials.

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Career e-Coaching and e-services through WhatsApp.

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Advertisement, sponsorship, and partnerships for basic skills acquisition.